Javier Puente Vázquez

Hospital Clínico San Carlos, Madrid.

avier Puente was born in Madrid (Spain) in 1977. He received his medical degree in
2001 at the Complutense University of Madrid (Spain) followed by his fellowship in
2002. He received his Advanced Study Accreditation (DEA) degree at Complutense
University of Madrid in 2004 while completing the medical oncology program at
Hospital Clinico San Carlos, Madrid, under the direction of Professor Eduardo DíazRubio from 2002-2006. Dr. Puente earns his Doctorate in Medicine (PhD) with a
mention of “Cum Laude” in 2007 followed by a special prize of doctorate in 2009 at
Complutense University of Madrid (Spain).
Dr. Puente served as resident in the Medical Oncology Department at Hospital
Clinico San Carlos from 2002-2006 at which point he became one of the clinical lead
and researcher in the Genitourinary Cancer Unit. Today, he is the Director of the
Institute of Oncology at that hospital and his activities are focused in the management
and treatment of patients with all GU tumors. From 2006-2010 he was also Honorific
Professor at the Complutense University of Madrid (Spain) where he was named
Associate Professor of Medicine in 2011.
In 2009, Dr. Puente was named National Medical Advisor at Asociación Española
contra el Cáncer (AECC) and Staff Researcher of Clinical Trials Spanish Plattform
(CAIBER) at Hospital Clinico San Carlos. He served as a member of the Scientific
Board of the Spanish Medical Oncology Society (SEOM) from 2013-2015 and joined
the Local Ethics Committee at Hospital Clinico San Carlos in 2015. Also, in that year,
he became a clinical associated with the Centro Nacional de Investigaciones
Oncológicas (CNIO).
In addition to SEOM and CNIO, Dr. Puente is also a member of the Spanish
Oncology Genitourinary Group (SOGUG) and he is a member of the American
Cancer Society (ASCO) and European Society of Clinical Oncology (ESMO).
Dr Puente has been involved with multiple independent research projects, multiple
publications and presented at countless national and international conferences.